The Flashback

June 4, 2009
By khadijia gilmore BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
khadijia gilmore BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from fruity fruit loops with chocalate milk/ From dancing in the rain to soft baked Christmas cookies/ I am from a small red tree with short pointy branches/ Playing hopscotch in the middle of the sreet/ I am from loud bells ringing/ Spaghetti strings hanging from my mouth/ From a white dress with red flowers/ I am from 100 dollar bilss to unplanned pregnancies/ From looking for Blue Clue's paw print to missing my dead frog/ To saying goodbye to ur good times// I am from sitting on the alphabet rug/ To singing kindergarten songs/ I am from looking like a twin/ Being in outer space to coming back to earth/ I am from Barbie dolls to make up/ From blue steps to melting ice popsicles dripping on my shirt/ Green grass to a tricycle with stickers/ Drifting away as time moves forward// I am from the city that never sleeps to birds chirping/ From the busy streets with cars honking/ To bright yellow bathing suits in the sumemr. From weird hairdos to braces/ I am from old photographs to Cam Jansen/ Loud music piercing my ear drums/ Running after my future// All my memories placed in a capsule/ To be opened 50 years later/ Fulfilled with hopes and dreams/ Put to rest while my present takes its course in the field/ Remaining sacred to my yellow heart

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