Through My Eyes

June 4, 2009
By kyler Griffin BRONZE, South Plainfeild, New Jersey
kyler Griffin BRONZE, South Plainfeild, New Jersey
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I am from that big yellow house,
YEs, that one down the winding road,
WAlking here must of taken forever,
dont't let your mother know you came theis far,

I am from friends I care for,
Laughing so hard we could cry,
Playing in the dirt from the back yard,
Or plaing wiht dolls, clean and dry,
with my buddy amber, so close were we,

I am from Rugrats everything,
Mac and cheese, toys, books, even videogames,
Rugrats pajamas were my favorite in the world,
I am from calling mr dad to read the episodes,
Demanding foods taht i enjoyed so much,
going to bed late, waking up in the afternoon,
what an unruly child i was,

I am from following bugs all around,
cathing them in plastic cups,
Squishing them with a rock soon after,
Soccer with my freinds, kicking away that white ball,
running in the field, in the rain mud or night,

I am from my father, getting married to my mom,
Ring barer i was, from the second grade,
I am from failing impossable spelling tests,
Wondering when they would end,
From the living room, watching my sisters,
Caitlin and riley, still little are they,

From St.helena's school, making and losing friends,
the guiet of nap time, to the loud lunchroom,
to the 8th grade feild trip, my first rollercoster I did ride,
To this high school I am in now,
A fun new experiance, filled with many new faces.

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