Forever & Always

June 4, 2009
By Gina Longo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Gina Longo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from Patricia and Carmen./
From the amazing land of Italy and Ireland./
I am from the big town of Edison to the quiet town of South Plainfield./
From the architects, Candy and Robert./
I am from the sweet street of Arlington./
From the big white house with the pool and trampoline./
I am from when Taylor and Frankie lived next to me./
From my older brother being annoying at times./
I am from the times we played with barbies and butterflies./
From the time I matured and it all flew away.//
I am from the chalky gymnastics acadmey to the clean dance air's./
From the traditions of Christmas, Easter and Fairs./
From the day i began to fall in love with you./
To the time i felt like falling thruogh./
I am from the Jonas Brother's concerts and Taylor Swift as well./
And heres to the times things were running swell./
From the time I said I love you too./
To the day i decided I must grow old with you.//
I am from the lies that penetrate beneath my skin./
From the days of standing in the wind./
Were the North Carolina sun beats on my back./
From the days we laid gazing at the night sky./
I am from the fights and darma that ruin lives./
From all the laughs and happy tears as I travel through the years./
I am from memories and sweet times as I continue the rest of my life.//
From the time you looked me in the eyes./
All my memories pass through my mind./
The time I met too when we said I do./
From the time of laughs, scares, fears and tears./
I shut my book on all these years./
To soon be opened and cherished with glee all these memories will stick with me.

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