I Am Poetry

June 4, 2009
By Nick Kukuch BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Nick Kukuch BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from Teletubbies and my blue blankey.
From my unescapable crib and colorful pictures books.
I am from old macarronie projects my Mom used to pretend to like.
From recreation teams and league sports, begging my Mommy to buy me a blue bat.
I am from Nintendo to Pokemon, and watching redicules cartoons.
From my huge highchair and a ditry bib, waiting for Mommy to feed me.
Then waiting for my Mommy to clean up after me.

I am from Summer Camps and Ellious pizza.
How I used to cry fter my Mom dropped me off to camp.
I am from Little league baseball and new friends.
From being so scared to talk to anyboy other then my Brother.
I am from waiting at the bus stop and my wheel book bag.
From forgetting my lunch at home again.
I am from my first baseball hit and catch.
From looking for my parents in the crowd to see my great play.

I am from playing boardgames at my Grandma's house.
From always trying to get out of trouble with my lame exuses.
I am from making waffles in the oven.
How happy i would get because i thought i was an excellent chef.
From making my Mommy breakfast in bed on Mother day.
How exited she will get over a cooked piece of toast.
This was all in my childhood.

I am from High School and maintaining good grades.
Wanting to get into a good college for a good career.
From playing sports and chilling with my friends.
All these memories are great.
But its better to share them with family and friends.

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