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June 4, 2009
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I am from one of God's creations,
To being born from St. Peter's Hospital.
I am from Markle and Grace Ventura,
And the eldest of two.
I am from sleeping inside my crib,
To playing in my playpen.
I am from drinking out of baby bottles,
To eating tasty Gerber's.
I am from learning to speak,
And from learning to walk.

I am from entering Pre-K,
To crying and wanting my Mommy.
I am from learning to read and write,
To taking 1/2 hour naps.
I am from Kindergarten,
To sharing my show and tells.
I am from St. Francis of Assisi,
To moving into Menlo Park School.
I am from wearing uniforms,
To wearing regular clothes.
I am from having pigtails,
To wearing my hair straight down.

I am from living in a peaceful neighborhood in Edison,
To moving into a busy town called South Plainfield.
I am from living in an apartment,
To moving into a house.
I am from wearing anything as a young girl,
To wearing fashionable and trendy clothes.
I am from having brcaces on my teeth,
To having a clear and perfect smile.

I am now a Freshman in High School,
Waiting to be a College Graduate in nine years.
I am now in my teens, and yet not too old,
But for these memories to be kept and told.
I am from being a child,
To becoming an adult.
I am from.

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