The Accident

June 3, 2009
By kelly walsh BRONZE, Suffield, Connecticut
kelly walsh BRONZE, Suffield, Connecticut
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Speeding, the wind surrounds you but you cannot breathe.
Confusion sets in as you hear the sound of the thunder
So heavy it shakes you, your warmth is seized
You know it will come.
The trees and homes all start to fly,
Everything you once knew passing by
In a frightening blur all else is gone
Slamming into the air, time is stretched so long
Then a sudden burst of heat and pain
And no matter how hard you open your eyes
You know you will never see the same again
The pain drips from inside you
Your skin and heart torn, you find you cannot move
In the heat you are frozen, nothing to do
You breathe.
Broken peace.
A sigh of relief.
So empty you cannot speak.
It’s all over now, this is how it must be.
You will remember it
Because it will suffocate you, leave its mark
But your heart will skip over those moments
That are too hard to bear

And even though he is a world away
You will always hear his breathing
But he will never hear your screaming

The author's comments:
This is probably one of my most personal poems. Obviously, it is about a car accident on one level, and something else on another. I’ll leave the deeper analysis up to you.

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