Alive, Breathing

June 3, 2009
By NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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I am alive, I am breathing
I wonder what keeps my body moving while
I hear my heart stop pounding in my ears while
I see the stars rush closer to my face and
I want to be born again.
I am alive. I am breathing.

I pretend that I’m in constant slumber though
I feel time rushing past my ears like wind and
I touch this earth that is trembling and
I worry that I’m breaching insanity and
I cry a name out this window, that hasn’t been invented yet, that I need more than anything to believe exists, and yet
I am alive, I am breathing.

I understand that the sky is crumbling so
I say that I’ll stop witnessing miracles but
I dream of a world that is miraculous in which
I try not to make sense of impending doom that
I hope couldn’t possibly come because life is beautiful and
I am alive. I am breathing…

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