Sestina for Her

June 3, 2009
By NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Her skin is milky white, freckled sparsely like night’s exodus.
Her fingers always find mine, corrupting my hand’s solidity.
My lips always find her neck, bending the space that is my sky,
much like earth balanced on the fabric of time, which we usurp
whilst I lay with her embracing the comfort of nothingness.
Her skin brushes mine, producing electricity that could start Galileo’s heart.

She is the infinitesimal astronomy that plans each beat of my racing heart
as maps on each tip of each finger mark our wandering exodus
of adolescent lust. We uncurl from each other into nothingness
after our appetites are satiated, reaffirming our own solidity
of our place in the universe. She and I lavishly usurp
one another, bodies and souls, wrapped in each other as if in the night sky.

Her arms reside over me as if I were mere earth, and she heavenly sky,
each a universe in ourselves, ensnared by the systematic beating of our hearts.
I am breaking set laws of relativity by crashing with her to usurp
her willing body, thinking tonight only a precursor, an exodus
to the readying future. ‘Tis but an eddying future, of which the solidity
is uncertain at best. She soon withers from me, retreating into nothingness.

The sun rages inside of me, and I burn for her, burn down to nothingness.
It’s as if the world is intact, but the mammoth has fallen; the sky.
My feet stutter beneath me to find a new bodily solidity,
as what seems like a huge mass has been taken from what was my heart.
Sun rises once more, shedding light on a newly emerging exodus.
She said, “We are, put quite simply, what we usurp.”

It had been her, my universe, who I had readily usurped,
shedding each layer of her vibrant form, exposing her nothingness.
Still, through her dual-dimensional depths, I wish to return to our exodus
and start anew, clearing all traces of constellations on the sky
that is her supple skin. I whish to revive my once beating heart
as if regaining the thump in my chest signifying my own solidity.

Her breath, inhaling mine, once pumped our lungs to solidity.
Now it is oxygen, instead of her intergalactic ambrosia , that I usurp.
When stars die, they burst, much like an over zealous heart,
but mine, like lost galaxies, instead withered into nothingness.
Once ecstasy, now decay causes a trembling beneath night’s sky,
Breaking down a universe, mirroring it’s own steady exodus.

Stars pulsate, establishing solidity in the universe mimicking beating hearts beneath ribcages.
Love’s exodus brings quivers of passionate words, usurping young populace through love’s black hole.
Stars fade into nothingness as they accept their fate, but the sky within me won’t let her fade.

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