June 3, 2009
By KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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What Once was Will never be
Im over you cant you see
Something inside me screams
im not done
The other part says
shes all for one

Its over its done
she tore my heart
Never will there be
another new start

Memeber The time
when i first kissed you
The butterflies in my stomach
The Smell of The room
Im taken Im cheating
But please dont tell

Thinking of the day we first met
Nervousness happiness
Wow im feeling
Quite confused

Ill pull the friend aside
wispering who gets who
Thinking in my mind
All i really want is you

Shes tall,shes white
her beauty what a sight
She looks

and pure
now when i see you
i think of what we once were

Its silent its awkward What do i do
All i hear is the sounds of her kissing you
Teeth clenched fist tight
Stop Kelly There nothing you can do

Just wallk away
everything will be okay
The memories Of you and i
All fade away
With you She'll Never stay

The author's comments:
Pen to paper Thoughts written in ink

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