June 3, 2009
By Livinglifefully BRONZE, Canyon, Texas
Livinglifefully BRONZE, Canyon, Texas
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Darkness surrounds you
The silence pulses in your ears
Heart drumming alone in your head
Not sure
Can’t feel the world anymore
Voices tell you what to do
Tears stream down your cheeks
Not able to say no
I sit here watching you
Unable to help
As I cry for you
I am bound
In chains
Cant escape
Chains chafe
Making your skin flake
There is hopelessness
Throughout your eyes
Your gaze meets mine
Mouth too dry to scream
Forced against will
I lye
My fingernails dig into my palm
I bite my lip hard
Both drawing blood
The pain feels right
Won’t sleep at all
Under this starless night

The author's comments:
this was written by Celeste, Dakota, and Bethany

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