I need my mommy

June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I know I was a surprise.
Does that mean you have to ignore me?
I rarely ever see you; it’s not fair.
I need my mommy.
But do I want you back.
I don’t really think I want you back.
Although I cry day and night! There’s something stopping me from trying to get you back.
I know I’m far from perfect.
And I’m sorry I didn’t grow up how you raised me.
I know I’ve made bad decisions. But let me live my life while I’m young.
I don’t want to live with you; but I don’t want to live with my dad. You complain I’m never home.
But when I am you just walk off. We fight all the time.
And I break the rules; I do that only to get a little attention every now and then.
We don’t do anything together.
At least I have my friends to do stuff with.
I don’t know what to do.
Do I want to talk to you; I’m not sure.
Well now it’s getting late.
And I’m sorry I’m not perfect; I love you mommy.

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