This is a Poem to My Mother

June 3, 2009
By Ellen Ruppert SILVER, Culver, Indiana
Ellen Ruppert SILVER, Culver, Indiana
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This is a poem to my mother
The woman who taught me to tie my shoes
With bunny ears and took me to the park
Every day, who would happily push me
On the swing as a screeching
Laughter came from my tiny lips accompanied
By an ever present “Again Mommy again”
Who has showered me with nothing
But love and in return receives
nothing but disappointment and sass
Except for those rare moments when
I can see her pride glisten in her eyes
As she looks at me, the daughter
She raised on her own.
Now it’s time for her to set me free
But we both know it’ll be ok,
It always is with us.
I love you mom.

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