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June 3, 2009
By Chelsea Stone BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Chelsea Stone BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Summer Love

Spending all day next to you
Looking on to the deep blue
The hot summer sun beating down on us
No more waking up early to catch the bus
I love that feeling when I look in your eyes
All the things you tell me, I hope they’re not lies
The squishy sand beneath our feet
Nothing can break us not even the heat
Walking side by side down the beach
Your skin upon mine, soft as a peach
Hold me and never let me go
We’ll watch the tide roll in, even when it’s low
Baby, let’s make this summer love last
I don’t want to remember this love as in the past
A love like this is found in few
I promise, I’ll always love you

Deceiving Eyes

I look deep into your brown eyes,
You tell me you love me.
Little did I know it was all lies.
I look deep into your brown eyes.
But this kind of love always dies.
Behind my back she was your girl to be.
I look deep into your brown eyes.
You tell me you love me.

You Tell Me Best Friend

You tell me best friend,
But you always lie.
Our friendship seems to be pretend.
You tell me best friend.
All this backstabbing needs to end,
When you’re with them you could at least say hi.
You tell me best friend,
But you always lie.

Best Friends For Never

You think you can mold me just like clay.
You leave me on the side just like a stray.
I’m tired of being put to the side.
Best friends for never.

I guess being my friend isn’t your forte.
All you do is lie all day.
It’s time for you to be denied.
I’ll find a friend who can provide.
I guess our saying is kind of cliché.
Best friends for never.


His smile is perfect and white
His eyes shine way too bright
His hair is darker than the night
Looking at him is quite a sight

He is always there when I am blue
Personality like this is found in few
So, basically I love you

The Last Time

The wind blows in my face,
I smell the ocean breeze,
He holds my body close to his,
I have tears streaming down my face,
The wind now stinging my eyes,
This will be our last moment,
He whispers goodbye.

Missing You

I miss your voice late at night
But everything we did led to a fight
I wasted a year on nothing special
My love meter was way past full
I wish you’d take back what you’d said
We were over I couldn’t get that through my head
I miss the way things used to be
I wonder if you still think about me

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