June 3, 2009
By Leora Reinberg BRONZE, New York, New York
Leora Reinberg BRONZE, New York, New York
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Two on our way
We never moved the same
We are both looking for more
I dont know you
But I heard what youve been through
And I know I have seen you before

Two hearts in shame
Come to pray the same
We are both running away
We ask for the reason
When we didnt need one
We knew we had no place to stay

Two in their youth
Can talk about the truth
We are both living a lie
We knew how to pray
But there were no words to say
And we already started to cry

Two can be one
You only see one as we run
We are both heading for the end
But I knew you were there
When I said the prayer
Because I heard you whispering Amen

The author's comments:
Two souls are different but they pray from the same heart. Two paths are different but we are headed for the same place.

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