Never Learned How

June 3, 2009
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So he felt he
Could just walk away
The distance was so great
And wasn’t it so lovely?
Heart was full of smoke
He didn’t mean to make her eyes so cloudy
With smoke
Just wanted to hide a few things in
Polluted air around the only place
He knew was too vulnerable
To expose to
The distance was so great
He felt so safe
It would have been so lovely
If she had learned to breathe in lungs full of
Gray, wasted oxygen with particles of
Life called dust
Everything is life, she used to tell him
Every day we live we kill someone
He’s using her air, she’s using his
He didn’t mean to be so selfish
The distance wasn’t enough
He put the smoke in his heart
To block out the rays from the sun
She used to tell him that
Cancer was in sunlight
How she lived at all
He’ll never understand
She didn’t mean to make her heart so heavy
But she made a fire out of wooden fear, and
It doesn’t float
He’ll never understand
It doesn’t float like smoke does to the ceiling
Sticks to the glass,
Her heart is made of glass,
Frosted glass
Heat from the fire could only crack
He didn’t mean to make her eyes so cloudy
She could only cry to get them clean
So he felt he
Could just walk away
Smoke gave him an incentive to run
There must be a fire
She only built the fire to protect him
He only kept the smoke to block out sun
They never meant to damage fragile bodies
It was a way of life
And they never learned how
To love without leaving skin exposed to
Fire, smoke, and sun
They only meant to love and never learned how

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