Fall MAG

By Caitlin B., Dumfries, VA

It’s fall, the summer air is fading.
Ducks quietly gather on the lake where we lie
And contemplate the last remaining hours
Until we slip back to the world.
Immerse our toes into the murky water
We are baptized for the very first time.
Cleanse the soul and release all inner demons
we hug and forge into our future memories.
Today, right now, we care not of the wars of man
or the paradox of odious humans.
All the responsibilities we have bear no weight on our shoulders.
Today, as of this moment, we care for the cascading ducks,
the soft wind,
the yellow edges of the leaves,
the illuministic setting sun.
Today we care for the me, and for the you,
and we cherish the last few moments
until we slip back to the world

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i love this so much!


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