315 Charging Horses

May 19, 2009
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They only ones who push harder than me.
I am the only one that will push them harder.
315 charging horses with thrusting strides and legs of fury.
315 who are devoted to me, but do not belong to me.
315 tamed by heart
From my bed, I can feel them, but i just sleep and wait for the sunrise
Their power is secret.
They tear everlasting paths, and create new journeys.
They team up, and they break apart and sprint with excitement and passion, never losing focus.
This is how they live.
Let one forget their meaning into the blistering winter, like rust conquering metal.
They will fade.
Push, push, push, when i scream. They will obey.
When I am too old and too tired to keep pushing,
When I am another geezer, they will push for me.
When there is nothing to look for in my life,
My kids, their kids, will look at 315.
315 promising souls, 315 who will never be forgotten.
315 whose only mission, is to complete.

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