Inclusion vs. Exclusion

May 19, 2009
By Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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He hits up the hallways and doesn’t know,
The parents are moving him, one more day to go,
He talks to his friends, just one more day,
Until the tables are turned, no longer part of a they.

He leaves the next morning to his new high school experience,
The whole car ride there he is blaming his rents,
They don’t know what is truly in store,
A taste of his medicine, and maybe much more.

Through the hallways he walks, with his heart on his sleeve,
No one he knows he wishes he could leave,
It’s all for the rush, just don’t let it bother,
This kid shouldn’t have messed, because he’ll never recover.

They arrive at the house, the neighbors all stare,
Because the people moving in just don’t belong there,
Until something changes, no one can realize,
That the faces they give will change their lives.

Up and down the hallways he goes his very first day,
And the visions of his past he can’t hold at bay,
No friends to turn to, no kids to pick on,
Some kids soon approach him and decide this is the one.

He gets home that afternoon and lays down in bed,
He starts up the computer, but gets out the old phone book instead,
Calls up the people his words once hurt so much,
They don’t believe his apology; to them it’s just words and such.

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