May 19, 2009
By DelkS SILVER, Sydney, Nebraska
DelkS SILVER, Sydney, Nebraska
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"The only way to defeat your enemies is to make them your friends"

I see fish, beautiful coral reefs and marine life,
It is stunning.
I am warm, though the water is not.
I drift, glide, fly across the top of the water.
I hear my breathing,
Seemingly magnified by my snorkel and mask.

Suddenly, I am no longer drifting so aimlessly,
A current pulls me away from the coral cay,
And the water deepens beneath me.

Now I am floating over the open ocean.
Endless water,
No longer crystal clear,
But deep, dark blue.

The fish and radiant colour,
All gone.
I am alone.

Or am I?
I see a massive shape in the distance,
Deep, deep down.
It is swimming gracefully towards me.

The water is vibrating now,
A deep note resounds.
It is a whale.

Now, I am entranced.
Far more than I was before.
My whole body is yearning to dive down,
To join it,

But I know I cant.
I have no oxygen tank,
And it is far too deep.

Suddenly, my yearn to dive overwhelms me,
I gulp a breath,
And swim down,
Into the deep water.

So far,
My fascination to touch it,
To swim with it,
Is blocking out the strain of my lungs,
And the pressure building up around me.

Looking down,
I see the whale still far below me.
Turning upwards,
I am shocked to see how very deep I am.
The sun is barely visible through the softly rippling waves.

Now, the full impact of where I am,
Of what I am doing,
Hits me.

I am scared,
My lungs are on fire,
The pressure makes my ears scream.

I look around to see the whale,
It is gone.
I am alone again,

My head is light,
I cant breath,
Up is down,
Everything is the same,
My vision is blurred.

I am drifting,
Drowning in the deep.

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