Patience, In the Flesh MAG

By Russell C., Versailles, KY

A younger her
A much younger me
I lay in her lap
“A new baby brother”
I trust her enough
To fall asleep in her care
My small frame
Drowns in white blankets
Eyes closed
Thank you, Reny, Thank you
And for all those times
You had Amanda over
I threw
Everything imaginable
At her
So I can imagine how excited
you must have been
When you learned you could trade me in
For a pony
How disappointed you must have been
When you found out the truth
So while we sleep
Your head on Ariel
Mine on plain pink
Let me take a moment and wake
Whisper a quiet “Thanks” in your ear,
“for the next fourteen years.”
Then close my eyes
To dream

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i love this so much!


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