May 31, 2009
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Driving across from what we thought we would make it through.
Only seconds away from
The snow blowing like we were flying through time.
The confusion of not only our surroundings but in ourselves.
Not at all were we speeding, but that miss of the red light became our fault.
My mother and I were dead cold to the earth, only the bright light was what we could see. As the car spun in a 360, and hit a tree.
The pillow plunged power towards our faces.
Struck cold. No movement, just black.
The sound of braking, screaming, crying has been muted away from my ears.
Until, eyes opened, pinned straight down on the stretcher connected to all that was inhuman. For I did look inhuman.
Praying to God that I can see, touch, smell and hear.
Only thoughts of the images playing like a slideshow are in my brain.
It will soon run out of battery
because I chose too.

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Fangz said...
Jun. 12, 2009 at 1:03 pm
Peculiar take on a traffic collision.
Mushroom:) said...
Jun. 11, 2009 at 12:47 am
Did this happen to you? It's a great idea anyhow. Awesome poem too
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