the new generation

May 24, 2009
By BIGBOIII BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
BIGBOIII BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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BIGBOIII, the 4th generation
I’m Mexican and Asian
It’s a new generation

Welcome to the 21st century
What has happened to our history
True history has been corrupted
The time flow has been disrupted

It’s my turn to make history
To either cause felicity or misery
My turn to help my people
Like many throughout history
My mind is not feeble

I can wreak havoc
You could only stop me with magic
There can be devastation
Total correlation

We carry our ancestors with us
They show us who we can trust
With trust comes power
Don’t crush your only flower

The new generation
The new century we will run
Let misery bring devastation
Our ancestors bring us one flower
Let your flower contain your lust for power

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