First Love

June 2, 2009
By Brooklen.xo BRONZE, Darwin, Other
Brooklen.xo BRONZE, Darwin, Other
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Everyone has a story about their first love so I’m sharing mine with you,
It doesn’t end happily but sadly not everyone’s first loves do.
So my story all started in June almost two years ago,
My friends introduced me to this boy that I didn’t know.
He was cheeky and funny and liking him was something I didn’t intend,
Because there was a big problem as his ex was my best friend.
We spent heaps of time together even though we knew it was wrong,
And I guess karma caught up because the happiness didn’t last long.
He told me he really liked me but he was telling his ex the same,
He’d always been a playa and he only cared about the game.
For so long he messed with our heads and our hearts to,
After so much pain I thought it was enough and I said I was through.
My friend and I sorted all of our issues out and we were close again,
We both moved on and forgot about the boy who caused us so much pain.
Just when I was happy again and was living my life without a care,
Suddenly he came back on the scene, as though he appeared from thin air.
The feelings rushed back as if they’d never even gone away at all,
And slowly but surely I could feel myself starting to fall.
Everyone warned me that it in the end it would all turn out bad,
But I didn’t care, the feeling he gave me was better than any I’d ever had.
It turned out that everyone was right but this time we were both to blame,
We were two different people and could never agree on anything the same.
So again we both drifted into our two separate lives once more,
Not knowing we would be given another chance just like the one before.
My friend was house sitting and I dropped by to say hello one day,
Sitting there with my friends was him; I just didn’t know what to say.
Slowly we started talking again and all those feelings came rushing back,
This couldn’t happen again not after we’d both just gotten our lives on track.
We both knew we were still in love and it was something we couldn’t deny,
This time we wanted it to work and we both promised to try.
Telling my friends was hard because they didn’t think it was right,
But despite what people said we weren’t going down without a fight.
No one believed he would give up the game but he did for me,
He turned into the most loving boyfriend you’ll ever see.
He went above and beyond just to put a smile on my face,
Just having him around made the world seem like a better place.
We were hopelessly in love and it grew more with each day that passed,
But as I said not everybody’s first love was made to last.
My life was slowly turning to a mess I knew I had to leave,
Trying to tell him was harder than anything, I could barely breathe.
He was so hurt and confused and the saddest he’s ever looked,
He begged me to stay but the ticket was already booked.
Leaving him shattered my world and completely tore me apart,
But none of that compared to how I felt for breaking his heart.
Coming back was harder because he still wanted us to work,
It wasn’t fair on him to deal with me so needless to say I was a jerk.
I’ll never forgive myself for pushing him out of my life for good,
If I could take everything back without hesitation I would.
We’ve had our moments of weakness and done things that were wrong,
We still have something that pulls us together even after so long.
He has a girlfriend and that’s why we have to put distance between us two,
It hurts to be cheated on and it’s not something we should put her through.
The love between us still remains but we both know we have to part,
Neither of us wants to chance giving or having another broken heart.
One day I’ll forget all the sweet things he said but this sentence; never,
“I love you baby; whenever, wherever and most importantly forever.”
And then there came the time where we both had to be strong,
We said our goodbyes and now the past is the only place where we belong.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the first boy I ever loved. I'm sure so many people can relate to the amazing feeling of your first love. Hope you enjoy!

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on Jan. 21 2010 at 7:45 pm
WriterWannaBe PLATINUM, Somers Point, New Jersey
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I really really really like this poem! It's so good! The way it can relate to so many people and all the's so good! Keep writing!


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