The Night Monster in the Sky

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

He is gentle
He is sweet
But not at all petite
Do not think he is mean
Do not think he is obscene
He is happy
He is kind
He will help you if you don't mind
He sleeps during the day
While the children are at play
When the children go to bed
He peeks out his head
He is there to protect
Any evil he'll detect
One night a girl was walking along
Skipping, dancing, singing a song
The night monster watched and was amazed
It was as if he was frozen stiff in a daze
The girl looked up, giggled hello
And clenched her hands tight
It was love at at first sight
It was quite a delight
Every night from then on
She came back to sing the monster a song

The author's comments:
This poem would make more sense if you read it on the pages of the book for it. The illustrations bring the poem to life.

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