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June 2, 2009
By undignified SILVER, Dryden, Washington
undignified SILVER, Dryden, Washington
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I see happy people
A beautiful day
The sun shines bright
Children play
Laughter in the air

I see relationships
Climb and get better
Fall in love
Get married

I see couples
Hoping for kids
Trying and trying

I see parents
Raising their kids
Some on strong principals
Some on video games
Some spending time
Some at work

I see kids
Grow into teenagers
Some making correct choices
Some doing bad things
Some getting good grades
Some making school not important

I see teenagers
Grow into adults
Some going to college
Getting a degree
Some working at McDonalds
Serving fast food

I see relationships
Tried and failed
Others try and succeed
Happy and broken hearts
I see people
Blaming themselves
Blaming God
I see people thanking themselves
Thanking God

I see life
With all its ups and downs
War and peace
Happy and broken
Always looking for a reason
For everything

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