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June 2, 2009
By undignified SILVER, Dryden, Washington
undignified SILVER, Dryden, Washington
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Branches shudder
Leaves crunch under my feet
Darkness stares through the trees
I think I see eyes
Watching me from the deep

Something moves
I jump
Then I realize
‘Tis only a squirrel

I keep walking
For any trace
A path
A footprint

No sense of direction
Barely able to tell
Left and right
Up and down

Dizzy with hunger
Thirsty for clean water
I stagger along, waiting
For any blessing

Around a corner
I’m startled
By a deer
Who’s startled
By me

My stomach is churning
My brain can’t think
Worrying about the future
What it will bring
But I know the truth
I am

The author's comments:
well, this is something i wrote when thinking about the forest (obviously) but i have never actualy been lost :)

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