THe Color of Happiness

June 2, 2009
By Vincent Gigliotti SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Vincent Gigliotti SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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The color of happiness is green and purple
With lots of white hairs everywhere.

It’s the color of your ambition.
Not tainted by Father Time,
And made bitter by life.

The color of happiness is youth.
It’s doing what feels so right
At that exact moment,
For no reason at all.

It’s the beauty of the sky whirling overhead
In the land of Lady Snow on a Friday night.
But everything’s beautiful with her
By your heart.

It’s the sound of an Adagio in G minor,
Or an arpeggio by Frank Zappa.

Hendrix found his color.
Morrison too.

That’s why they got to go.
They weren’t meant for
This age of digital decay.

This age of colorless art.

An album had color,
A CD, reel to reel, s***,
Even 8-tracks had color.

Now the only color
Is coming from the computer screen.
The white lightof an
Mp3 universe.

That blank androgynous
Unfathomable distance
Of electronics taking the color
From us.

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