I'll Be Waiting

June 2, 2009
By Katie Zwicker BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Katie Zwicker BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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I see you go from girl to girl
Trying to find what you want
A different girl each week
But I’ll be waiting for my turn

You don’t see that I’m always here
I’m always the one to help you
I help you with all your relationships
I just wish I could tell you, I’ve been waiting

I guess you don’t realize it
Realize that you’re the one I love
I think you’ll see it soon
And I’ll be waiting

You still can’t see me as more than a friend
And it’s been so long, I’m tired
I’m tired of waiting for you to see
That I’ve been waiting and I’m the one

That’s it, I’m done, and I can’t take anymore
I’m in love with a boy who doesn’t love me
Its time for me to just walk away
I won’t be waiting for you anymore

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