Chili Powder

June 2, 2009
By if.i.had.eyes. SILVER, Plainwell, Michigan
if.i.had.eyes. SILVER, Plainwell, Michigan
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The clouds drip sunshine onto my shirt. My summer stained cheeks burn beauty. I sing with the sun, we move together in the light breeze. Our dance like the sand and the ocean. The hot air melting time away into laughter. The earth holds us up and the sky keeps us down. Forever in danger of floating away with a passing cloud.

The rays kiss my freckled nose and wrap around my barren shoulders. Grass curls up around my toes and feet. Pavement cracks and flowers breathe through, screaming for their lover the sun. Vines twist aorund my swelling and into my hair, mixing the red of the earth and the deep green of their leaves.

Great birch brothers shoot out of their mother, grasping for golden life. I reach for them as they reach for me and I grow upward with them. Their highest leaf holds a star, their highest branch cradles the moon.

The moon sways on her silver perch, captivating, stealing glances and breaking hearts. She smiles. Her sensuous mystery leaves us begging for night fall. Wishing on their stars that we might be alone with her in the glittering night.

But dawn is inevitable. The earth spits out the moon's brilliatn cousin, dying me with his splender. The trees, and vines, the grass, and sand, and flowers awake and stretch toward their redeemer singing their lilting song of ancient love and continuing life.

Fresh, alive, green and yellow and brown and blue. Spinning on a string, hanging in the din.

The author's comments:
Written in the dead of winter. My bright and shining hope.

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