Life of a Custodian

June 2, 2009
By Alicia Butler BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
Alicia Butler BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
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Darn kids!
Always making a mess!
I clean up after them everyday, all day.
They have no respect for us working people.
They think they can just make a mess and I will clean it up for them.
I wouldn’t if it wasn’t my job.
Milk cartons, food rappers, and spilt drinks,
This is my job.
How hard is it to throw a couple things away,
Grab a napkin and wipe up your own mess?
Now I understand why the custodians were not very nice when I was in school,
Having to spend five out of seven days cleaning up after kids.
The boy’s bathroom is always a nightmare,
Toilet paper on the floor and gross smells.
This is my job.
I couldn’t count how many bags of trash I take out a day.
Loud, crazy middle school children running wild,
Not listening to a thing you say.
I hate the days when a kid gets sick,
Moping up vomit is not the highlight of my day.
A day full of sweeping and wiping tables,
This is my job.
I see a kid throw a half eaten piece of pizza across the lunch room.
Another kid returns it with a PB & J sandwich and some carrot sticks.
I yell for them to clean it up.
They just laugh and get up to leave the cafeteria.
I get angry but there is nothing I can do.
This is my job.
I need a new job!
Darn kids!

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