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Sound of music roars inside my ears
To where it makes my ear drums rattle
I smile as I turn it up louder
Walking through these glowing trees
Given light by these shining stars
These roots ripple through the ground
Showing through this muddy dirt
Branches whip every inch of this walk way
As I’m tangled through this wilderness
This music roars inside my ear drums
As I walk through these growing trees
My body is filled with peace
My heart is filled with love
And then I start to run
This breeze hits my face
Not to hard but cooling to this warm night
The smell is so refreshing
It cleanses me
It breathes into me
I run through these tangles of branches
I run upon these roots
The ground hits against my feet hard
The dirt splits with every footstep I take
Breathing smoothly now
Some how I love this feeling
I come to stop
I inhale the smell of this forest
I turn spin around to see where I ended up
I smile as I turn this music up louder
These open trees above me given light by this golden moon
Lands upon me
making me glow.

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