I Need Peace

June 2, 2009
By erica w BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
erica w BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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I lay awake in bed afraid,
trying to close my eyes so I can
have dreams that parade in my head
all night,
but I can't...
The darkness swallows me
as I'm positive someone will
jump out and steal me.
Like that one night my father tried grasping
me out of mother's hands.
I want peace.
I try now in life to slow down
before something steps in and ruins it, again.
I want to be a bird so I fly...
Fly away from this haunting memory.
Am I proud of the life I live now?
or do I want different?
Do I want to meet that same memory
that haunts me now and forever?
or should I be proud on how it
changed me?
I think about me becoming a tree
and growing and refreshing this life.
But I can't change these memories.
I shall now and forever remember them.
But when will that one day come when this
memory fades?
I don't know...
But I do know,
I need peace.

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