No pay, No light

June 2, 2009
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My eyes are closed and all I see is darkness
Then I open my eyes only to see more darkness
I attempt to walk but end up hitting my face on the wall and getting a bloody nose
I put my hand on my nose and feel around for a rag.
I picked something up thinking it was a rag
It was my underwear!
So I walk to what I think is the toilet
I feel the toilet and thought man the toilet grew
I kept touching and felt a nozzle
And found out I have peed in the bathtub
I felt quite hungry and I somehow find my way into the kitchen
I grabbed a gallon from the refrigerator and bag from the shelf
I got a bowl and a spoon
I poured the liquid in the bowl and felt my shoes getting wet
I felt the bottom of the bowl which had little holes
I screamed this bowl sucks
It was a drainer!
Then I got a real bowl and again poured the liquid and put in the substances that was in the bag
I tasted it and then threw up and noticed that I was eating hot cheetos and orange juice.
At that moment I sat on the floor
And thought of how much I hated my dad for not paying the electric bill.

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