Crayon box

June 2, 2009
By Matt Bowers BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Matt Bowers BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Red, Green, Blue,
Why do colors matter so much
In this world.
White, Brown, Black.
Aren’t they just colors
And nothing more?
Why do we think each one is better
Can’t each just be a unity
Be combined and live together
Purple, Yellow, orange
Don’t they all live in the same place
A crayon box
Why can’t the world be
Like a crayon box
Live as one and work as the same
Be treated as the same
Here people treat each other different
Why, because of color
Imagine the world if people
Were color blind
Would people be treated different then
Why do colors matter
Aren’t colors just colors
Colors are just colors
Who cares
People worry too much about
The color of their skin
There’s nothin’
Colors are colors
And nothin’

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