i need you ray-ray!

June 2, 2009

ray ray was my highschool crush
i loved him with all my heart
but he didnt love me back
it hurt i would look at him
and he, he would look away
we were friends in a way
but he hung with girls
girls that hated me
every night i wished it was me
that it was me that he hung out with
not those other girls
i am a freshman in college now
and i look back on those years
and wonder why i never got
together with ray ray
at the time he was the love
of my life he would miss
school and i would wonder
wear he was.
he was always in my heart.
But now i am marryed and
dont think of ray ray as much
Ray-ray is just a memory now
a memory that hurts when i think
of it , when i think of what could
have been instead of what is.
but to me that is all in the past
or i wish any ways
i guess i really dont need ray-ray!

The author's comments:
the colege part isnt real it just went with what i was saying! um everything else is real tho!

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