I Believe

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I believe in life
That everyone deserves a chance
I believe there's a soul mate for everyone
That if someone truly loves you, they always will.
I believe coffe make you shorter
But shorter people have more fun
I believe blondes are not stupid it is just an act
I believe music can set your mood
And it can also change your life.
I believe that what you put into life
You get out of it.
I believe we all have special gifts
That God put us all on this earth for a reason
I believe dogs can talk
And that special people can acually hear them
I believe life's to short to hold grudges
And life's to short to be anything but happy
I believe there's a time and place to let go and cry
And a time and place to stand up and be strong.
I believe in friends
Friends that can last forever and always
I believe the Detriot Tigers will win it all
With the help og Magglio Ordonez
I believe in second chances
I believe in world peace.

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