An untitled stream of lyrical metaphors.

June 1, 2009
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The quintessential age of our
peers is upon us.

But we’re stuck in the
paradox of a Russian

The metaphors that run across the other side of my
conscious are laughing!

Mimic my culture! I DARE

Have your ever danced across
the oceans, SIR! Or loved
like he’s loved, SIR!
I think not!

Welcome to a [trip] through
my subconscious.

Authority! Hah! It is simply
the abuse of power by those
with influence.

But at what point does
“human nature” become an
excuse for what we simply
cannot explain!

If we read between the lines,
or think outside the box, will
we find what we're looking

Or is this space between the
line an unknown which we
put stock in only because we
know it’s not there

…We as humans want, so
terribly, what is just not

Is this chaos born from hope?
Or hope from chaos

If it takes an entire
ridiculous lifetime to

I’m game.

With our apocalypse, sitting,
teetering on the edge of what
we call normal…

We best not let it fall.

Red, yellow, green, or red,
white and blue.

What are you trying to
prove!? And who to!?

If balance is the root of
tranquility, is imbalance
the root of chaos?

When we live in the uneven
utopia of reality.

One thing leads to another
and right back to the latter.

Where are we to hide?

Is, not, life a paradox?
Written on the back of
our heads in tongues we can’t
Each advance
in that is an advance within itself.

So go, and paint tomorrow
with careful strokes of chaos,
in hopes that someone will


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Aquarose said...
Feb. 19, 2016 at 5:12 pm
Oh, and I hope that those crappy situations don't happen again. Unless they cause you to spew out this kind of poetry, cause in that case, maybe they're not all too bad. I'm game.
Aquarose said...
Feb. 19, 2016 at 5:10 pm
Wow. That was deep, in an incredibly entertaining way. It seems like something straight out of Hamilton. The style and all.
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