-Blinded By Clouds-

June 1, 2009
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Do you remember,
Dancing in the rain?
Running and laughing,
Splashing and skipping,
Never let go.

Spinning and twirling,
Our escape from the world
Washing away doubt,
Living in the moment,
Forgetting our fears.

Always be there,
We promised,
Forever best friends.
Blinded by clouds,
We could see nothing else.

Time passes by,
And though rain still falls,
We no longer dance.
Shadows fill the emptiness,
That once blazed with light.

Now inside staring out,
The rain still pours
I reach out to touch it,
And pull back, cold and wet.

I remember
Dancing in the rain.
Yearning fills my heart,
My feet long to fly again
But sometimes, it is
Time to let go.

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