I’m Not Afraid

June 1, 2009
By Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I’m not afraid, Why?
I’ll tell you if you listen
I’m not afraid
There is something on the other side
To look forward to
If I’m threatened I feel empowered
To know that I messed with that person’s mind
The mind is a powerful and difficult thing to control
As I steer death or pain
To my body in it’s face
I know that I’ve touched people
In their hearts and that gift I’ve embraced
I know I’m not something to be replaced
If I die because of the decision I chose
Dream of how it used to be
When I was around with your eyes closed
I am not ever afraid because
I know how it feels to be a stray
So I don’t care anymore
There’s nothing else to live for
My heart is torn
The person that gave me the chance of being born
doesn’t care as she used to anymore
In my mind I’m trapped
Now that these things that happened to me
Hurt me
I’m tired of being abused
Now I’m at was against the world
I feel I’m going crazy
In my reality in my mentality is in a twirl
Plus I gave my heart like a fool to a girl
She sucked and squeezed my heart until there was no love
to share anymore
I feel that I was born just to be punished in this world
So whatever you have next
All it takes is for you to give me a test

I’m Not Afraid

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