Jungle of Sin

June 1, 2009
By Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I live in a place I call home
Were your badge of honor is a piece of chrome.
All sorts of carnivorous animals reside in this home,
our excuse for crime
It’s what we do to survive
in these hard times of cold and dark
I see a hawk and as brave as a lion the man
puts obstacles in my way
but I keep climbing
A place were screams of a man’s
Mom or family
Let’s you know that tonight were dining
The vines I hang on are the small pieces
of green paper numbered
1, 5, 10, 20 and 100
In this place you watch your back
because you always feel hunted
You as well are fair game,
you are no exception
to the rule of the jungle
it’s a struggle to rumble for your territory
that feed and give you pride.
I reside were the cold, wet gutter
meets the heart of the street
People ask why I do this just like I said
I gotta eat pro-club shirt
Ben Davis creased and Cortez on my feet
other people sag or have gold teeth
whatever they think that help them attract
an a** fits and two feet
So we can multiply and not be extinct
This is how it goes down in the jungle the place I call

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