June 1, 2009
By Amanda Eyerly BRONZE, Benton Harbor, Michigan
Amanda Eyerly BRONZE, Benton Harbor, Michigan
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I'm lost and confused. I don’t know what path to turn down.
One is torn apart and broken and holds the one I want the most.
One is solid and complete and holds the whole world.
What path do I take?
Take the one that foes right to the world?
Or take risks and let someone make my world?
I thought I knew everything. But when I came across this intersection.
I finally noticed I have a lot to learn.
I’m lost and confused.
This boy is everything that I want.
The one that makes me cry and destroys my heart each time.
He owns the key to my heart.
He doesn’t know it.
But the world is right there, outside that door.
The door that will make him lose me forever.
The world is filled with many people.
The ones that may never be able to make my world go round.
There is bound to be someone else.
But not the one I love.
The one I love is right there,
Shredding my heart into little pieces,
So do I wait for him to realize I’m everything
He’s looking for?
Or do I
Take the easy way out?

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