Man vs. Self

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

The gun sounds, the race begins.
I know no time can be lost with the rock of my heels.
I use all my strength to push off of my blocks.
Not too fast I tell myself,
I can’t go out too strong and tire myself before the last curve.
I’ve got to give my all but not this early.
I lean in to the curve,
Pumping my arms,
Keeping my head high.
I begin to watch
Runner in lane 6 begins to fade
From my peripheral
Lane 4 will be tough to catch
I begin to accelerate
The wind tries to hold me back
I fight through it
We approach Turn 3
I pick up more speed
I suddenly hit the wall
Not this time
I fight with I’ve got left
Just one straight away
I sprint for the end
To finish the race that once begins

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