a day at the beach and the one i miss

June 1, 2009
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A day at the beach
This class is boring
There is nothing to do
I heard you were going to the beach
This weekend
Can I come too!

We could go surfing
And swim in the ocean
Or stay on the beach
And tan with sun tan lotion

Oh no the teacher is
Talk to you later
Ps. Hey We should also go running

The one I miss
Its been two years since you passed away
Although its feels just like yesterday,
I miss every memory we shared
And all those times that you cared

We laughed cried and always just talked
We went everywhere even if it was just
A little walk

There is a time for everything I do admit
I never wanted you to pass but this is something
That was expecting to come
I love you and miss you and
Hope to see you again until then I will
Live my live and always thinking about the time we spent

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