June 1, 2009
By Vaughn Butler BRONZE, Lemon Grove, California
Vaughn Butler BRONZE, Lemon Grove, California
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Trapped behind a two-way mirror

I can see out but they can't see in

Used to be well known but not now

Used to walk around where everyone knew my name

But no more

How things have changed, oh how the tides have turned

And the things i once took for granted i now desire

No more uniforms, sports, close friends or church

All of it is gone

Gone for now

Gone forever

Gone for eternity

I walk these halls alone and quiet

Not loud and joyous as i once had

I have already given up on what is supposed to be the best part of a High School career

It is not what i expected nor wished

How did i let it happen

What was supposed to be the best

Has turned to the worst high school career

The author's comments:
Changing schools for my senior year of high school and how it went inspired me to write this peice.

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