Just One Wish

June 1, 2009
By rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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if you had just one wish
what would you wish for?

a million dollars?
unlimited movie tickets?
ever-knowing knowlegde?

Would you wish for World Peace?
maybe to cure cancer?

could you even consider
wishing for the end of pouverty?
would natural disaster victims cross your mind?

can you even think of wishing
that maybe war could end? and unnessecary deaths be avoided?

if you had just one wish

would you wish for popularity?
would you wish for the perfect body,face?

the perfect boyfriend?
the perfect life?

would you wish you were an only child?

or you were the star of the football team?

would you wish for everlasting life?
or your own island

demand for more wishes?

if i had just one wish
id give it to you

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