May 31, 2009
By Edward Wang BRONZE, Pleasanton, California
Edward Wang BRONZE, Pleasanton, California
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The last fading light seeps down
Under the mountains, it disappears
The rays of light as its gown,
The heaven’s hearth nears
The sky darkens.

A soft violet hue touches the sky
The cloud’s visage becomes wizened, gray
The brightness erodes, heaves a sigh
Giving the traveler named Midnight a place to stay
The visitor settles down.

A corrosion of dark intent
The blue tint cast away, leaving
The clouds to wonder and lament
The passing into blackness, unbelieving
Fearing the worst, the worst has come.

Sudden plague strikes the atmosphere
The last messenger of the hearth retires
The very thing that instills fear
Midnight spreads its arms, constructing lairs
Deep within dwell remnants of radiance.

Alas, despite wishes and dreams,
The black hole absorbs all inside
Sewing up every last seam
Remove all evidence, let no one confide
Midnight suffocates the last of lambency.

Last scions of brilliance remain
Fixed in position, man’s last guidance
For when nightfall blankets, it is a firm cane.

Stars twinkle, scintillate
Searing through the night sky
Defying the worst, compose beauty
In this tenebrous hour
Reign of Midnight inaugurated.

Yet there comes a time when all must end
As daybreak approaches, the lairs collapse
Light escapes from its prison and beams upon this day
Midnight must retreat, but only runs laps
For Midnight will arrive again, they say
Cycle of everlasting.

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