Heartfelt Confessions

May 31, 2009
By Ryan McDonough BRONZE, Long Grove, Illinois
Ryan McDonough BRONZE, Long Grove, Illinois
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Everything has a beginning. Love begins when we least expect it.
It starts out small; a smile is given. A friendship is born.
For a while, the world seems a happy place.
However, since there is a beginning, there is an end
And it only makes sense that what has brought us the most joy
Will eventually cause us the deepest pain.
Our friendship grew.
So did my love.
I gave her my heart, but I never knew
That I could never completely get it back.
Time ran its course.
My love continued to grow.
Afraid of suffering at the hands of such a cruel emotion,
I kept my love a secret. Until, one night
She confessed she felt the same.
Love blossomed.
Once again, I was happy. I had hope.
I dreamed of better days to come. God laughed at me that day.
I was too distracted by my happiness to notice the cruel destiny He had in store for me.
A fateful night
Gently, she held my hand.
Underneath the tall oak tree,
Her soft lips pressed against my own.
My love deepened.
Hers was gone.
She told me to move on,
But how can someone live without his heart?
I left my heart with the tall oak tree that day
Beating strong with the fervor of my love.
And now I move, I walk, I live
Without it.
Without her.
Not a tear rolled down my face.
Sometimes, true sadness surpasses tears.

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Topanga said...
on Jun. 12 2009 at 8:39 pm
Strong and positive!

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