Queen's Tear

May 31, 2009
By Hannah Yandow BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
Hannah Yandow BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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I'm a puzzle of mixed emotion.

Hard to piece together, impossible to get done

I am silenced, unrevealed

Keep to myslef, wont say how i feel.

I choose to be unfigured out

Refuse to let someone know, what i'm all about

A mystery is a needed freedom

Shielded from, what we dont wish to become

It locks the doors, and gives you strength

Its your own little secret, no one can take.

Imagine urself as someone else.

So easy to get, never to tell.

It seems so wrong, to show everything you are.

Don't make urself push too hard.

this new perspective is something we need

Seeing who we are, without having to be.

Face that you're different, face that you're here

for a moment or two, just disappear.

Stop trying to be something you're not

You are who you are... offer what you've got

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