Some Time To Kill

May 31, 2009
As I’m driving home,
I think to myself,
Is there anything left for me to live for,
Is there anything left for me to do,
I lost all my reasons to live,
When I lost my thoughts of you,
As I’m driving down the road at night,
I take my hands off the wheel.
I close my eyes and count to ten,
Waiting to be killed,
When I get to ten I open my eyes,
Because from 1 to 9,
I realized,
It’s not time for me to die,
Even if I wanted to,
I’m gonna live my life, not die because of you,
As my eyes were closed,
I thought about,
My family and friends,
I couldn’t live without,
So I put my hands back on the wheel,
Because I have,
Some time to kill.

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