May 31, 2009
It whispers to me softly,
It’s voice you can not hear,
My body’s gone so numb,
As it’s drawing near,
It surrounds me from all sides, and it starts to take control,
I try fighting back, but my death is it’s toll,
Like water in the darkness,
It caresses my flesh,
Laughing at my fear, My life’s a total wreck,
It’s playing with my mind,
And causing so much hurt,
Reminding me of regrets, and sliding into my heart,
I want to get away,
But it’s almost over now,
My life is ending fast, so all I think is
“ how ?”

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WriteForLove said...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 9:14 pm
Wow this is really good! I love it! Why isn't this in the magazine and why does this not have a million comments?! It's really amazing!
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